Older Mabels??????

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doodle of Dani yey

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wowow (same anon who sent that) i feel like it's not my place to really say something like "i'm proud of you" or anything you know?? but i don't know how else to say it haha, it's just really uplifting!! and thank you for answering me so kindly

No problem!!!!  I’m really disgusted by how I used to act but I’m hoping the least I can do now is try and help the world move on so that in the future people won’t have to hide who they are in order to avoid being kicked out of the house or bullied to the brink of suicide.  I know it seems like right now things are awful and never gonna change but I know for a fact that the more people we educate, the closer we get each day.  One day our kids are gonna be in school and scratching their heads about how civil union used to be reserved for people of male and female sex.

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um this is probably weird but i came across your dA/tumblr and i remember following you yearsss ago, but one thing about you that always stuck out in my mind was that you were openly against homosexuals. it was always a very foreign opinion to me which is why i always remembered it. anyway i'm wondering, judging by your blog, if that's changed?

Oh god yes, I was literally just thinking about that.  Yeah, I was raised in a Catholic household by racist, homophobic, sexist, overly-religious parents (my dad especially) so I pretty much just parroted stuff my parents believed.  I was really shitty (and on the off chance anyone else from back then is reading this and I offended them, I sincerely apologize) but now that I’m an adult and out of the house I’ve pretty much shed all that influence from my parents.  Actually, going on the internet and seeing all these people and their plights and how people like me were ruining their lives for literally no reason made me realize just how fucking stupid I was being and luckily I was able to move past that mindset.  Not to say I’m perfect now, I don’t doubt I’ll still make mistakes, but at least I’m aware of how wrong I was and am willing to move past it QwQ  So yeah, no, I’m so not the same person anymore.  I was a wee impressionable Becca brainwashed by bigoted parents, and if I make any mistakes I encourage my followers to call me out and explain them to me.

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8-30-2014 Charathon Round 3 - Dinobxt’s Mona

by Beccadeprisco

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Help me with my art project!

My assignment for one class is to use up one blue Bic pen drawing absolutely whatever, so I’ve decided to make this an interactive drawing by asking you guys to send in suggestions!  I will draw pretty much EVERYTHING said on this post with your URL next to your suggestion and post it on my blog when it’s graded.

There’s a few guidelines and if suggestions contradict any of these I reserve the right not to draw it.  I won’t, however, draw something just ‘cuz I’m not a fan of the source material or it’s something I don’t like drawing, like cars or whatever.

> No nsfw please!  I’m turning this in to a grown woman after showing it off to a class of adults, so anything involving sex is a nnnnnnno.  Sexual organs is a maybe because art classes can’t afford that level of innocence.

> Not gore maybe.  I myself am not adverse to it so I don’t really have anything against drawing it (and I probably would draw gory suggestions) but limit it.  I don’t wanna turn in a piece half full of severed arms and intestines.  It might reflect strangely on me.

> TRY to keep it varied.  If I get a hundred people suggesting Danny Phantom it’ll end up a boring piece.  If you suggest a character or item or theme or w/e from stuff I myself like try to pick something more obscure.  It also doesn’t have to be anything fandom!  It can be a real-life person, a tree, or a specific instruction like “draw what you think happiness is” or “walk outside, close your eyes, spin, and draw what you see”.

> Please don’t suggest your own OCs.  I’ll see it as kinda just a way to get free art which isn’t like bad or w/e but this is supposed to be a serious project for me.  I can’t spend all my time familiarizing myself with a character I’ve never seen before when I have a hundred pictures to do by Thursday.  If you suggest a FRIEND’S OC then MAAAAYBE I might do it cuz I’m a sucker for getting art for friends but the OC conundrum still applies.  I also may draw my own OCs if they’re suggested.

I will draw as many as I can until the pen runs out.  So, tumblr, what are your suggestions?

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Ben's battle with Chiari

I’ve known this family for pretty much as long as I can remember.  Barb has been my mom’s best friend for ages and Benny, the kid on the far right, is my little brother’s best friend, not to mention Cassie in the middle is the sweetest kid I know.  They’re all three of them lovely, wonderful people.  Barb volunteers nonstop with disability organizations (including 22q programs, which Cassie is a part of) and schools, and even helped our local elementary school build a handicap-accessible playground for the kids who previously could only sit inside during recess

I have never met a family who deserved happiness more than them, but their lives are constantly mired with problems that they absolutely do not deserve to deal with.  Most recently Benny has been diagnosed with Chiari Malformation - you can read about it all on the page but it’s an expensive thing to deal with, and they are not in a good financial situation.  They are constantly having to pay for medical bills for both the kids as well as car troubles and hundreds of other little problems they have to muscle through every day.  Barb is a single mother doing her best to care for her kids but it’s been hard on her.

If you have any money to help them out, please consider donating.  And even if you can’t, then please please please spread this around.  I’m tagging this homestuck because Ben is a huge hamsteak and he’s recently gotten into cosplaying at cons and I want this kid to continue living his nerd life happily and healthily.  You guys have done amazing things for your fandom before and now another hamsteak is in need.  Thank you all so much for your time.

Again, you can donate here.

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cat nerds

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8-9-2014 Charathon Round 1 - Thebibliomancer’s Penny Wacquant

by Beccadeprisco

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