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what a sweaty loser

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vive l’époque du swing

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Did someone say Mabel’s triplets?????

I kinda guessed on the eyes gomen seiya234

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wham bam thank you ma’am it’s Sam for the collab

I decided to go stylized a bit

also you can use this for a sidebar image or something if you link back to the original post

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I think you are taking this "stealing your art" thing too seriously. They asked people if they knew the artist could they let them know, it says it in the caption. So what they didn't go out of their way to find the source, but at least they made an effort. You're not some big time artist so excuse them for not feeling like it's worth the time to find their exact source, they apologized and did as you asked. And you're being an asshole back to them, when they were being sincere.


Look kid, you clearly A) don’t know what a horrible organization FCKH8 is and B) aren’t an artist yourself, so there’s no point in me trying to explain this to you.  You will not and can not understand how much my art means to me, and seeing a hideous organization like FCKH8 using my art for profit is not something I’m going to stand for.  Sure it’s not my best work, but I refuse to sit back and let such a despicable company profit off of anything of mine.

Here.  Educate yourself about this shitfest of an organization before you try and stand up for them.  They are adults, I am an adult, and they are not acting professionally.  I’m assuming you’re not an adult so let me tell you how things work in the professional field - if you make money off it, you gotta spend money for it.  Work was put into it and retribution must be given.  Artists have been getting paid so little because the world - made up of people like you - think our work isn’t important.  Like our art is something anyone can do and doesn’t deserve any type of compensation.  We’re paid in “exposure” now, and exposure isn’t gonna pay my way through college.  If you think you can come on my blog and convince me of my own lack of worth you’re sorely mistaken.

Also they literally put no effort into finding the source.  If they had done one simple search-by-image it would’ve brought them to my tumblr post.  Saying shit like “credit goes to whoever who drew it” doesn’t mean shit in the art world.  I don’t give a shit that they acted graciously AFTER I called them out because they have reacted shittily to other artists they’ve ripped off before and not taken their art down.  The point is this should not have happened.

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Hey, I don't think you read the reply properly... I don't mean any offence it anything but they never said that your art was not worth not crediting, they simply said that they could not find the source. They probably posted it anyway because they really thought the art was great.

If they don’t have a source they can NOT post it.  It’s even pushing it for them to post art WITH a source because they didn’t ask any of the original artists.  FCKH8 is a for-profit organization so they are essentially making money off of other people’s uncredited art, and the artist sees not a single cent for it.

They said “we think it’s more important to show unsourced art then not to post it”.  If you post any piece of art without credit to the artist, it’s stealing.  They don’t get that. 

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Hey friends!  So remember FCKH8, the PETA of the LGBTQIA+ movement?  Well they stole my work for their facebook and didn’t bother to put in the ten seconds of effort it takes to find the source, and then told me to my face they didn’t think it worth it to credit me for my own art.  But are we even surprised at this point?

If you have a moment why don’t you go let them know what you feel about art theft?  And remember NOT to support this group.  They’re most recently selling Ferguson shirts and it’s tempting to buy those but FCKH8 will make money from it so instead donate directly to the town.

UPDATE: They’ve since removed my art but don’t let them get away with anything else.  I’ve read that this is a common problem with their company so I can’t assume they’ve learned any lessons by me.

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